Midway Through Grave Mercy

We’re 60% into Grave Mercy and the assassin convent.


Catch our thoughts on the first third of the book here.

I received an email from Holly with the subject “62% and I do not like this book”.  At that time I was barely into the story so that was disconcerting!  Here’s where we are now.

H:     Back to the convent being the first people to be nice to her…okay, but the blind faith is just too much to deal with. Clearly too  much for Duval too which almost makes me like him…

A:     I agree, I almost like Duval.  Sometimes I’m finding him rather irksome thought.  I do really like Ismae’s  blood thirst.  That kind of makes me laugh. Like let me go check bodies out for more people to kill.

I like the duchess. I’m glad she’s strong willed thus far, despite her position and her age.  

H:    And WTF is with the creeper nighttime visits? I mean I get the purpose but she is completely at his whims of when and how long and he just springs in on her with no knock or warning? And then he sits and watches her sleep? This is totally a knock off of creeper Edward Cullen and I say rings of unhealthy relationships. For teenage readers. Ick.

A:    I totally see your point about the night time visits being creepy, but really they are a necessity for the cover up.  If they’re supposed to be lovers it would be more notable not to be there.

What I didn’t like was scene with the ankle grabbing and the kind of forced arousal:

“When his hand comes down and grasps my ankle, it takes every bit of willpower I possess to keep from jerking away…. ‘However will you play the game of seduction if you flinch so?’”

Maybe this wasn’t Cullen-esque in my mind, but it did creep me out for some reason.

H:     I understand the nighttime visits as cover-up. I do not understand why they must be unannounced. She is totally at his mercy when she is waiting in bed. Vulnerable much?

A:     Ok ok I concede this point.  

H:    Other things I do not like: overuse of ‘hooded eyes’ and ‘peahen.’

A:      Sorry. I find ‘hooded eyes’ to be such a good descriptive phrase it hasn’t bothered me.  Doesn’t it just make you see some creepy eyes?  And I do like peahen.

H:    Peahen once is a good descriptor. Twice stands out to me. Details,  pal.

And a couple plot points don’t make sense… no one knows where they are having the secret meeting then suddenly they’ve discussed a plan for her presence and she has a loaf of bread?

Also no discussion that Anne is about to meet the suitor then suddenly that’s clandestinely arranged.  I need believable details. Clearly.

A:    I think I just suspend much disbelief when we get to a convent of teenage assassin nuns sister.

H:    I do think Ismae’s evolving feelings and described well. And Duval’s. Just ended on the ‘i do not think it would be wise to linger tonight.’ I would be so behind some LUV if not for the creeping.

A:    I can usually get behind some LUV.  Its just too fast for me for someone who hated all men so recently, so I hope I come around on Duval because I feel the Luv coming!

Back to reading!  I’m hoping Holly gets over her WTF feelings!


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