A Love Letter to the Library

Since we started this blogging thing, my sister has gotten quite good at requesting and receiving books from publishers to review, because, well, free books = awesome.

However, I am (and Amanda is too) still a fan of the old-fashioned way to get free books – AKA, the library. I am pretty excited about the brand new library here in Petersburg, VA.

Like, so brand new they haven't put up the flags yet.

Like, so brand new they haven’t put up the flags yet.

I went over to check it out, even though I still have thousands of pages of Game of Thrones books to get through. (Uh, yes, I understand that tax dollars go towards those free books, but I have no objection towards taxes paying for books for everyone. So I’ll just keep calling them free books.)

I  have noticed that bloggers seem to love lists, so I shall now present to you a list of five things that I think are essential for libraries.

1. Coffee. Oh, did you think I was going to start with something more, er, literary? I have my priorities, clearly. I was pretty excited when the trend of coffee shops in libraries started. [Note: I am also in favor of coffee shops in grocery stores.] Anyway, I’m not certain that the coffee shop in the Pburg library is fully operational yet, but I have high hopes.


2. Tons of light. Thanks to the glass wall and the open air design, this definitely looks like a happy place to sit.


3. Big tables. Speaking of sitting, I really like giant tables – and not for sharing, just because sometimes I take up a lot of space. J helped me build a desk for my office because I wanted a ridiculous amount of surface area – and many days, that’s still not enough room.


4. Movies. Hmmm, I don’t think this list is getting any more literary, is it? As much as I like the convenience of online streaming options, you know what else I like? Free movies. You can’t tell from this picture, but this little corner with DVDs might have been the busiest section of the library on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I’m not the only one who likes free movies.20140503_155241

5. Online book requesting. And now, I’m just getting lazy, but here’s the truth – even more than coffee shopes in libraries, I love love love that I can search a library catalog online, request the books I want, and get an email when they’re there waiting for me. Life-changing, people! Even in rural southeast Kansas, I had access to an extensive catalog through the regional library system.

Bonus points for: comfy chairs, rounded books shelves, and friendly librarians.

In short, libraries are awesome. What do you love about the lib?

Review: Children Are Naughty

Children are Naughty, Vincent Cuvellier and Aurelie Guillerey

Amanda and Babycakes   

Published: May 13th 2014 by Flying Eye Books

Hardcover, 28 pages

Source: Edelweiss

From Goodreads…


Children are naughty and parents are nice.

Some children bite and don’t share their toys and there are some who fight and make lots of noise. Let’s remember that parents were young once too! But were they as nice back then?

A tongue-in-cheek story about right and wrong, giving kids the opportunity to learn through laughter.

For something different, my three year-old and I decided to review a book together.  I’m doing my best to make sure she’s a book addict as well.


(reading with Auntie Holly!)

I loved the idea of this book because yes, children are naughty! And aren’t parents always nice?  No? Just me?

The description says this book is for 3-7 year-olds and I think trying it older on the spectrum is a better idea.  My 3 year-old loves to read and looks at her books daily and unfortunately she could not keep her interest in this one.  It was meant to be funny, but maybe it was just a bit over her head at 3.5.  I see the authors are in France so I wonder if there is also something lost in translation?

I did like the drawings-particularly of the little boy who threw his spinach on the floor after it had been lovingly prepared by his father. The horror!

For us this was a 2 star read.  Just didn’t work, but I’ll try again when she’s a bit older!

Thank you Edelweiss and Flying Eye Books for this advanced copy to read.