Finished with Grave Mercy

Check out our first two posts here and here.

So, we read Grave Mercy together, checking in at various points, which is maybe one of the funner things we do here at Gun In Act One.

To summarize: Grave Mercy is the first in a trilogy about teenage assassins trained in a convent of the god of death, taking place in medieval Brittany during it’s struggle to remain independent from France. Interestingly, there was an endnote from the author about the historical accuracy of certain characters and plot points, putting aside the whole convent-of-death portion.

Holly’s wrap-up:

So, looking over my comments in our first two posts, um, I realized that I had a swearing problem with discussing this book. Oops.

My other final thoughts…I’d give this book a solid 3. I reserve my 4&5 stars for books that I’m going to insist that other people read, like now, and I just don’t feel too strongly about this one*. I’m going to read the second, obviously, since I already bought it for $1.99, but I’m not that wrapped up in it. And I thought the story skipped over some major sections (including the 3 years of training), which left me wondering WTF happened. A lot.

*Speaking of books that I’m going to insist people read, see: The Lumatere Chronicles. You’re welcome.


Amanda’s wrap up:

I have to go with my sister and give this 3 stars as well.   If you’re into historical fiction this was a good light read-because you really can’t take yourself too seriously when reading about teenage assassin nuns.  I liked Ismae and in the end I did enjoy Grave Mercy.  No, the mystery wasn’t deep, but it was an entertaining read.  The romance for me was just too rushed, partially because I had assumed all three books in the trilogy followed Ismae.  I hoped for time for the love connection I guess.  Now knowing that Book 2 follows Sybella instead, I am intrigued and will definitely continue the series, I just won’t be harassing my sister about it they way I sent her weekly emails to finish the Lumatere Chronicles.  Seriously, I won’t shut up. Just read them.

And if you’re still wondering WTF this book is, here you go:

“I am a handmaiden of death. I walk in His dark shadow and do His bidding. Serving Him is my only purpose in this life, and I have let my annoyance drive that duty from my mind. It will not happen again.”


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