Review: Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, Elizabeth Little


Expected Publication July 31st 2014 by Viking Adult

384 pages, Hardcover

Source: NetGalley

Imagine for me if you will that a teenaged Paris Hilton killed her mother.  Imagine the fall out, the paparazzi and the E! news hysterics.  Then imagine after her conviction Paris is released from jail 10 years later on a technicality.  That is the basic premise behind Dear Daughter.  

Janie Jenkins went from tabloid darling to inmate.  She’s now hiding from the paparazzi and trying to re-acclimate to freedom after 10 years in jail.  Janie was not a nice character, but she was a fun one!  I loved her attitude and the situations her mouth got her into.  It wasn’t hard to see why people believed she was a murderer!  Janie really doesn’t think she is the one that killed her mother, but she’s not absolutely sure.  Going on snippets overheard before her last fight with her mother on the night of the murder Janie is out to investigate who her mother really was.  With the help of her attorney she changes her appearance and flees California.  

Jane ends up undercover in small-town South Dakota where she sticks her nose into everything and everyone’s business trying to find out why her mom would have mentioned this town.  She doesn’t necessarily make herself more likeable, but she was entertaining!  Jane’s story is interspersed with transcripts from her police interview, news articles and posts from a true crime blogger who has a price on her head.  I liked getting all the flashes back at the past drama Jane was involved in right along with her current snooping.  While I found that the motivation for the murder was easy to predict, the path we took the revelation was not what I thought it would be.

I was definitely on edge at the end of this book waiting for a reveal.  I had to get off the train with 4% left on my kindle and that nagged at me all day.  The wait was totally worth it.  The conclusion was more than I expected and the ending of this book made me really laugh out loud.  It was the perfect wrap up to Janie’s story.  I felt like Jane’s mom tried to steal the story from beyond the grave-but Janie wrenched right back for herself. I can see why this is being compared to Gone Girl, but I enjoyed it much more.  Janie was not always likeable, but you still want to root for her! 

This is Little’s debut book and I am definitely looking forward to more.  Read it and tell me what you think!

4 stars!

Thank you Viking and NetGalley for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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