Conclusion: Dorothy Must Die

Amanda: Wow.  So I think I can safely say Holly and I agree, Dorothy really has to go. She’s a megalomaniac in blue gingham and red heels.

I have to say I was starting to get irritated because I felt like the mission the cover of the book told me about wasn’t happening:

Remove the Tin Woodman’s heart

Steal the Scarecrow’s brain

Take the Lion’s courage

and then

Dorothy must die!

Happily my fears were unfounded! This book ended with a quite a kick and set the stage well for book #2.

Holly- Yes!  I had the same thoughts about the cover.

What I really liked is that no one is really completely trustworthy.  Amy has to be a smarty pants. Its going to boil down to Kansas girl vs. Kansas girl.  

Wizard, Order of the Wicked, monkeys, Pete.  Who to trust?!

In summary, this was a book that did not make me work very hard, but still had some heavy topics woven in about fear and power.  I wasn’t kidding about the Nazi references! And because it was such a clever and creative idea, and because I’m currently sending this text from Kansas I give it 5 stars!  I can’t wait for #2!

I completely loved this book for the creativity.  I think Paige was very brave to take this beloved story and basically turn it on its head.  I really liked Amy and even her pet rat.  I cannot wait to see what happens next and I think I’m going to brush up on my Baum reading to get ready.  I might even check out the novellas set in Paige’s Oz.  I have to go down a 1/2 star because of the romance.  It was not believable enough for me, but we’ll see what develops in Book #2!  I’m hoping for more munchkins! 

Head down the Yellow Brick Road and tell us what you think!

Holly 5 stars!

Amanda 4.5 stars!

Thank you Harper360 for these copies in exchange for an honest review!!

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