ARC August-Amanda Starts Reading

July has been insane! An extremely happy month due to traveling to see Holly get married, but we moved as well.  Moving with a 3 year-old is not conducive to reading time.  So my stack of To-Reads is growing every day.  Combined with my compulsion to grab at least one extra book every time I walk into the Chicago Public Library-I need to get some books out of my house and off my To-Read List.

Thankfully, Octavia at Read, Sleep, Repeat came up with ARC August as a challenge to get through some books and I’m joining in!

I’m hoping to read at least 8 off my list including:

Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay (I’m reading this now and its good!)

Lucky Us, Amy Bloom

House of the Four Winds, Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory

Elizabeth is Missing, Emma Healy

The Arsonist, Sue Miller

And the other 3 I’ll decide on when I get there! Anyone else doing ARC August?  What are you reading?

Happy month of reading!



  1. I really want to read Bad Feminist. I didn’t love Lucky Us but Elizabeth is Missing is excellent. Sounds like you have some excellent reading material for this challenge! And I’m glad you survived moving – I hate it every time but I can’t even imagine what it would be like to move with a small human!

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