Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books We’re Unsure Of or Object To

Today we’re hooking up with the Broke and the Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday and here are our picks of 5 books that Amanda’s unsure of and Holly mostly just isn’t going to read.

 Amanda- These are 5 Books I will read, but I’m dragging my feet on.

1. The Truth About Alice.  I really do want to read this, but then I think I’m going to wrap my daughter in a bubble and never let her go to school. Or out of my sight if I can help it. The ARC is haunting me on my kindle.

2. Wonder.  I don’t quite get the hype so I’m being stubborn.  I’m sure at some point I’ll read it.  

3. The Glass Castle-has been on my shelf for something like 3 years.  Why don’t I ever pick it up?

4. Anything else by John Green.  I really did love the Fault in Our Stars.  I probably will try something else someday, but I feel the need to wait it out as long as I can until the hype is less.

5. Shatter Me trilogy-Does the 3rd one suck?  I can’t take anymore bad trilogies.  Decide for me!!

Holly – 5 Books I definitely won’t read, and 1 I’m on the fence about:

(After not being sure about this topic, I created this list in 6 seconds and sent it to Amanda in gchat. #quickestblogpostever)

#1-3. Fifty Shades of Grey

#4 that snowglobe book you reviewed.

#5 that terrible imagery book you reviewed.

#6 jen lancaster’s fiction (just not sure I can do it after this one)  there. I’m done. you can quote me.


  1. I read the first 50 Shades for book club and it was kind of fun though terribly written. I have the other 2 but they’ve been sitting on my shelf for at least a year if not longer so they’re probably not getting read anytime soon. I’m not a Jen fan so I’m guessing if I didn’t love her nonfiction I’m not going to love her fiction. I don’t read dark books about kids. Just can’t do it. So the Alice book is out for me as well!

  2. I actually didn’t like Shatter Me…but then I loved book #2 and ADORED book #3. XD So It’s definitely a series I recommend to keep going with! 😉 I loved Wonder and all things John Green, but to be honest? The John Green hype is very very daunting.
    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  3. I think Wonder is a great book for pre-teens and tweens. I liked it, but…well, middle school teacher here. 🙂 I’m a girl that needs a happy ending and needs closure. I didn’t find it in Glass Castle, and it was painful all the way through for me. I’ve read 3 by John Green and I really see why teens love him, but I don’t. Sorry. 😦 Amanda, you are the one who directed me to JL, and I do like her, but nothing has lived up to Bitter, truly. Love your blog! 🙂

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