Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books My Sister Says I MUST Read

Today we’re hooking up with the Broke and the Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday


Amanda sent me the title for this Top Ten Tuesday. I decided to go ahead and make my list Top Ten Books My Sister Has Been Telling Me That I MUST Read (because she is demanding like that, but she’s also almost always right)

  1. Anything by Mira Grant, namely Feed (she actually sent me $2 when this was a Kindle Daily Deal to ensure that I would buy it. I did, but I haven’t started yet)  [Amanda adds-DO IT NOW]
  2. The Queen of the Tearling
  3. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (I am sure I will love this, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet)
  4. The Golem and the Jinni
  5. The Magicians (I have been nervous about these books since I read a negative review of the magicians here, by Amanda loves it, and I’ve otherwise heard nothing but good things. I will jump on this bandwagon soon, I swear)


Holly isn’t quite as demanding (in book pushing anyway) but I thought I should respond with the books she’s been telling me to read.  With one exception I’ll try to get on these:

  1. Tiny Beautiful Things Though she tells me “it might make you cry cry cry!”  Bust. I do that enough on my own. I will tough it out since I’ve been kind of bossy with my list.
  2.  The Signature of All Things.  Definitely on my list!
  3.  Lipstick Jihad.  I’ve actually put this on hold at the library more than once since Holly’s told me to read it. I need to just sit down and try it because this sounds so good!
  4. + Many: Game of fucking Thrones 2 through 12 or whatever they’re on.  I just don’t know if I can do it. Not even for my sister. But I feel like such a quitter. Maybe I should try.  Maybe someday? Maybe not!


  1. Oh my GOD – GO READ THE NEWSFLESH TRILOGY. Now. It’s fantastic. And I don’t even like zombies because I am a little baby when it comes to horror. But this book….seriously. I promise you will 100% not see the big twists in it. And it’s got everything – awesome science, lots of different characters, plot twists, serious feels…seriously the series is amazing!

  2. Game of Thrones made me laugh. There does seem to be a ridiculous number of them and people seem really devoted to them. My husband and oldest watch and love the show but I think I’m good living without it. Unbroken is one that I see recommended all the time but for some reason have never had the urge to pick it up.

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