ARC August Wrap-Up


I decided to participate in ARC August hosted by Octavia at Read, Sleep, Repeat  to get through the many, many books on my kindle.  I posted at the end of July with my list of 8 ARC goals including:

These specific books:

Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay DONE! Trying to find words for the review-great book!  

Lucky Us, Amy Bloom DONE!

House of the Four Winds, Mercedes Lackey, James Mallory  DONE!

Elizabeth is Missing, Emma Healy  DONE!

The Arsonist, Sue Miller  Oops, not done.

And 3 others that I’d pick as I went, which were:

The Quick

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands

Henna House

One of Us (review to come!)

Added into that list also was some angsty teenage vampire reading with Silver Shadows and an attempt to read a Arthurian retelling that I just could not get into.  All in all I’d say August was pretty good to me reading wise!  

So September reading will be The Arsonist!  I admit, I hated the ending of Sue Miller’s previous book The Senator’s Wife. However, I thought it was extremely well written so I really do want to read this new book.  I just apparently need to be in the mood to start it.

How did you do with ARC August if you were part of the challenge?


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