Review: Horrorstör

Horrorstör: A Novel, Grady Hendrix


To be published: September 23rd 2014 by Quirk Books

Paperback, 240 pages

Source: Quirk Books


Horror is not a genre that I’m drawn to typically, but when I saw the cover and the concept for the Horrorstör book I knew I had to read this.  First-the physical book itself.  Its a large paperback that looks at first like a catalog from a giant Swedish superstore that shall remain nameless.  Then you look at the cover again and catch the framed photos- intriguing right?  I wanted to read this for the cleverness of the concept alone. Each chapter begins with a product sketch and description.  You’ll notice they start to turn much more sinister as the book progresses, so even as you’re getting drawn into this story because its getting darker you’re still laughing at the book.

Now the story, the Orsk store in Cleveland, Ohio is having problems.  Orsk is a furniture superstore built as an American knock-off of the Swedish giant.  Every morning when the store is opened a new problem is discovered; problems that were not there when the store was closed the day before.  Foul substances on sofas, glassware shattered or wardrobes broken-something strange is going on.  Basil, an eager mid-level manager, bribes a few unwilling employees to spend the night in the store to help him catch the culprits before the store can be investigated by the corporate office.  Basil’s crack team includes Amy, a snarky college drop-out who goes along with the plan just to keep her job.  I loved Amy and her attitude in balance with Basil’s devotion to Orsk.  What could possibly go wrong with Basil’s plan to flush out the troublemakers overnight?

I admit as Basil and his helpers set foot into the darkened store that I put this book down rather than read too late at night.  Yes, I’m a weenie and that was maybe unnecessary.  The action got a bit gross, a bit scary, but mostly came off like a fabulously campy horror movie rather than a traumatic ghost story.  Despite the camp I was surprised at how introspective our characters became during the night at Orsk. I was really pulling for them all to dig deep and help themselves get out alive.  This book had me engrossed up until the last page-and then laughing again at the final drawings. If you’re looking for a different kind of read you should absolutely check this out.  I have to go shopping this weekend and I feel a bit afraid to head to a big blue building lest I stray off the Bright and Shining Path and meet one of Hendrix’s creations!

Questions?  Just Orsk! Ha!

5 stars!!

Thank you Quirk Books for this copy in exchange for an honest review.


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