Pink for All Seasons

Amanda: Holly and I are excited to say we’re participating in Pink for All Seasons along with Ashley at the Bubblebath Reader.  What is Pink for All Seasons you ask?  Maybe I haven’t book pushed The Secret History of the Pink Carnation on you yet and for that I apologize! I love this series and the happy escape to the past that they always give to me.  

Holly: So, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is the first of twelve books in the Pink series. #12 will be released in 2015, so Pink for All Seasons is a year-long read-along of the whole series, one book per month. I had actually only read #1 before, so I’m jumping into uncharted territory here. Amanda of course, is doing a re-read.

Amanda: Starting with #1, the adventure is off! Spies abound throughout Europe and abroad, romances flourish and parasols are used as fearsome weapons.  And Eloise-oh I am going to miss her!  Though I’m really sad to know that this series is coming to an end next year I know its probably time.  I hate to see a series I love drag on and become painful to read (I’m looking at you Sookie Stackhouse)  Thankfully Lauren Willig is writing other great historical romances to keep me happy.  

Holly: And yeah, I decided to jump right into this read-along – so much so, that I read the first three Pink books in September. I’m totally digging them!

Amanda: We are going to have a stop on the tour next May with the Garden Intrigue (#9) but we’re definitely going to be reading along in the meantime.  We hope you join in and love these books too!  There’s even going to be a giveaway every month with a signed copy so keep an eye out for those! Amazingly, I won the first giveaway so I now have 2 signed Lauren Willig books!  #booknerdheaven  Please join in reading with us along the way! I hope someone else I know wins another signed book!

Photo credit to Elizabeth at Strange and Random Happenstance

Photo credit to Elizabeth at Strange and Random Happenstance



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