Still Reading Dark Triumph

We are reading and chatting about Dark Triumph, book two in the His Fair Assassin Trilogy. You can find part 1 of our discussion here. The post below consists of our (lightly edited) texts while reading the middle-third of the book.



Amanda: Yes! This is what I hoped would happened! [Holly edit: yeah, I know that’s vague. That’s what I thought when I was trying to keep up with the book too. But we’re trying not to give away spoilers here.]

I also like that she is still thinking about Ismae and reflecting back about her.

I’m in line at Potbelly and I want to pull my kindle out because I am so hooked!

49% and I do not trust this person from book 1 at all!

[Waits for Holly to catch up]

Holly: Oops. I read one chapter and then I had to go to bed.

Okay, I am wondering what you meant by ‘this is what you hoped would happen.’ I did not see that coming. I also didn’t see a LUV interest coming, but that was dumb of me. Of course there must be LUV. Duh.

Amanda: Yeah, I’m not 100% sold on the love match yet, but I feel better about this match than Ismae’s.  Poor Ismae, we were much harder on her in comparison.

Holly: Yeah, I know I called Ismae an idiot. But I love her now, and I love the way she’s grown.

I maintain this shit is creepy. I’m so curious about the author and where this story came from. I’m surprised I haven’t seen articles denouncing this book because um, it’s pretty dark and anti-religious.

Amanda: I wonder what we’d find if we googled.

Holly: [Afraid to google because I don’t want to read spoilers. Or things like this.]

Game on for part 3!

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