Review: Complete Nothing

Complete Nothing, Kieran Scott (True Love #2)


Published September 30th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

336 pages

Source: ARC paperback provided by publisher


From goodreads….

True is not exactly loving New Jersey. Banished from Mount Olympus and tasked with helping couples find love without using her powers, the goddess-formerly-known-as-Cupid is having a tough time. Especially now that True’s immortal love, Orion, has also appeared at her New Jersey high school—but with no memory of their relationship.

To distract herself from seeing Orion flirt with another girl, True focuses her efforts on making a match: Peter and Claudia. Peter is the star quarterback and the most popular guy in school. But he’s insecure about his future, so he preemptively dumps Claudia, his girlfriend. (If she won’t want to be with him later, why stay together now?) Claudia doesn’t take the breakup too well, and she’s ready to show the quarterback of their rival school just how ready she is to get over it.

But True sees something in these two seniors. She believes they should be together—but can she help them find their way back to each other (and get herself closer to home)? Or have things already spun too far out of control?

I reviewed True Love #1 here, in which our heroine Eros a/k/a True Olympia is banished from Mt Olympus to New Jersey after falling in love with Orion and pulling him down from the stars. True has quite a struggle in book one learning to live as a mortal.  Thankfully she’s worked a lot of that out in Complete Nothing and she was a way more likable character. She has a few friends and is settling into a high school routine.  True has to match her second couple without the help of her powers, but things are complicated when she sees that Orion has landed in New Jersey and he has no idea who she is.

Peter, who is the high school’s star QB, has broken up with his girlfriend Claudia. She’s Ivy League bound and Peter doesn’t think they’ll make it as a couple past his glory days of high school.  Peter regrets the break-up almost immediately, but is too stubborn to admit it.  True thinks that if Peter gets one look at Claudia with another guy that he’ll be running to get her back.  As you might expect, True fumbles this play -sorry I had to go there- and must race against the clock to reunite the two.  Combine Claudia and Peter rebound dating, True tripping over her own feet every time she’s near Orion, and Ares dropping in with fatherly advice and you have quite a story.

Complete Nothing was a trip back to high school, made happier because none of the romantic angst was my own.  I thought Scott did a great job putting me right there in a senior year – combined with the deities that still act like adolescents!  I really liked Claudia and Peter -even if Peter was kind of a bonehead at times- and I thought Scott did well giving depth to their friends too.  This is a really fun series that improved into book two and I am excited for the conclusion next year! That ending is going to make me a bit crazy waiting to know what’s in store for True and Orion.

4 stars!

Thank you Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review!

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