Review: The Job

The Job, Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg (Fox & O’Hare #3)


Hardcover, 304 pages

Expected publication: November 18th 2014 by Bantam Dell

Source: E-ARC from NetGalley


From Goodreads…

He’s a charming con man and she’s a dedicated FBI agent, and they’re about to drive each other crazy . . . again!

The FBI had one demand when they secretly teamed up Special Agent Kate O’Hare with charming con man Nicolas Fox—bring down the world’s most-wanted and untouchable felons. This time it’s the brutal leader of a global drug-smuggling empire. The FBI doesn’t know what their target looks like, where he is, or how to find him, but Nick Fox has a few tricks up his sleeve to roust this particular Knipschildt chocolate–loving drug lord.

From the streets of Nashville to the back alleys of Lisbon, from the rooftops of Istanbul to the middle of the Thames, Nick and Kate chase their mark. When they find themselves pitted against a psychopathic bodyguard and a Portuguese enforcer who gets advice from a pickled head, they decide it’s time to enlist some special talent—talent like a machete-wielding Somali pirate, a self-absorbed actor, an Oscar-winning special effects artist, and Kate’s father Jake, a retired Special Forces operative. Together they could help make this Fox and O’Hare’s biggest win yet . . . if they survive.

If you haven’t started the Fox & O’Hare series-he’s a criminal mastermind with a taste for the finest things in life and she’s an FBI agent who considers In -N- Out Burgers to be fine dining.  Kate and Nick are put together by her FBI bosses to use Nick’s skills and underworld contacts to bring down the really, really bad guys.  No, these are not epic works of literary fiction but they are completely entertaining books.  The Job brings Kate and Nick all over Europe to find a drug lord who has had his face surgically reconstructed so as to be unidentifiable.  Kate and Nick get to go to such great places and I love the amazing hotel settings that Nick always ends up in.  Nick is almost like a criminal James Bond-he always finds the most fun toys for their escapades!

I really like that Kate and Nick now have a regular crew to help with these missions.  I’m not sure if Boyd, the method actor, or Kate’s slightly crazed father Jake is my favorite.  Jake might win out due to the fact that he carries a rocket launcher.  We don’t have to get into the details too much now of who each member of the team is now that we’re in Book 3. Each person just fits into the scheme even if they don’t know all the details-like that they’re working for the FBI.  I love the banter between Kate and Nick without having to get into a full romance.  It seems inevitable that they will end up together-but I’m enjoying the flirting for now and a few hot kisses!

You know the good guys will come out ahead in the end, but how they get there is always a surprise.

4 stars!

And if you’re catching up on the series I reviewed Fox & O’Hare book 2, the Chase, here!

Thank you Bantam Dell and NetGalley for this advance read in exchange for an honest review!


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