Mini Review: Stars & Swipes and Hugs & Misses

Stars & Swipes and Hugs & Misses,


Published December 3, 2014 by Quirk Books

Postcards 30 pgs each

Source: Quirk Books


Quirk Books is pretty much my new favorite thing.  Having already read and loved Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Horrostor, I was completely entertained when they sent me two books of funny postcards: Hugs & Misses – “full of lovelorn ladies, roguish gentlemen, renegade Cupids, and indecent proposals,” and Stars and Swipes – “with farcical frontiersmen, prattling presidents and other all-American oddities.”

These are two books full of perforated postcards of amazingly silhouette captioned images. Like this:




If I have your mailing address be on the look-out for some amazing mail!  There was great debate at our house over Thanksgiving as to whether Hugs and Misses or Stars and Swipes was funnier.   I voted romance while my darling sister and husband voted Awkward Americana.

My advice is to get both and report back to me with a vote. These will make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a quirky sense of humor.  Or they’re delightfully ridiculous to send to any pen-pal!


  1. LOVE Quirk. I actually haven’t read any of their books, but I adore their cookbooks (a book devoted to sprinkles?! Hello kitty! Cookie Dough!) as well as their crafting books. These look like too much fun, too.

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