Top Ten Bookish Problems We Have

Book problems can be a real drag, yo. I mean, check out these ten things that really bring us down about books and reading.  We’re hooking up with the Broke and Bookish of course for Top Ten Tuesday.


  1. Holly: Amanda demands I read too many books. She is a hard core book pusher.
  2. Amanda: Holly doesn’t drop everything to read what I tell her to.
  3. Holly: Everytime I read certain book blogs, I end up hearing about more books I need to read (most notable culprits are The Paperback Princess, River City Reading, and Sophisticated Dorkiness).
  4. Amanda: Holly is too picky about my comma placement when she edits my posts.
  5. Holly: Amanda doesn’t always use commas appropriately in her posts.
  6. Amanda: My husband told me that when he dies one day I’m going to turn into a hoarder of books and live surrounded by piles and piles of them.  I hope he doesn’t die because he’s right.
  7. Holly: I have not yet figured out my new library’s online request system since moving last month. This is probably because I have spent too much time moving Amanda’s commas around.
  8. Amanda: My daughter told me that she hates it when I get grown up books in the mail.  Ummm that happens a lot.
  9. Holly: Amanda has so many ARCs and scheduled reviews that I never know when I’m supposed to post something.
  10. Amanda: Holly lives too far away for me to actually physically push my books onto her when I’m done with them.


  1. I love this list and the way you two gals wrote it! Perfection! Twitter and looking at people’s blogs–and of course, GoodReads–just keeps my TBR growing. I need to come up with a system to get my TBR down…it just will take me getting organized and sitting down and actually doing it. I know I can….LOL. Comma placements! I’m grading student papers right now and that reminds me of all the comma splices I see…uh oh, work is slowly moving into my blog comments: DANGER!

  2. Such a fun post! I can’t figure out my new library’s system either! But that seems to be because they have ‘lost’ the book and when that happens, they don’t have a great way to tell you that the book is unavailable to put on hold…
    Sophisticated Dorkiness is one of my favorite blogs, too.

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