Review: P. Zonka Lays An Egg

Review: P. Zonka Lays an Egg, Julie Paschkis

Amanda & Babycakes

Published March 1st 2015 by Peachtree Publishers

Hardcover, 32 pages

Source: ALA Midwinter meeting

23116074Description from Goodreads:

Extraordinary hen P. Zonka spends her time taking in the beauty around her: shiny green grass, buttery yellow dandelions, deep blue sky. The other hens can’t understand why she never lays eggs like they do. Finally, P. Zonka gives in and lays an egg. To everyone’s delight, she produces a wondrous egg containing all the colors and designs that she stores in her imagination.

This will be a short and sweet review for this sweet and beautiful children’s book.  If you’re filling an Easter basket make sure P. Zonka is in it!  This book bright and cheerful and the eggs that P. Zonka lays are seriously gorgeous!  Babycakes and I loved that P. Zonka is happy just doing her own thing every day. She’s not worried about how many eggs one needs to lay.

Added bonus, I loved the end notes about the Ukrainian origins of the eggs and P. Zonka’s name.  You need to read this happy little book!

5 stars!

Thank you Peachtree Publishers for this galley copy!


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