We’re reading: Invasion of the Tearling

Usually, we post our sister-readalongs in three parts. As we dive into the much anticipated Invasion of the Tearling, we have to set up the backstory on the first book.


If you’ve followed us for a bit you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession developed with the Queen of the Tearling.  Yes, there were some problems with the book but I LOVED it and have been basically waiting with grabby hands for the sequel to become available.  I may have badgered my sister into reading it as soon as she had the time – but hey at least I bought her a copy when I did the badgering!

My anxiety was high when I got these messages:

Holly: Is this a YA book?  Because the bad queen just referenced the slave in her bed as a good fuck.

Amandar: NO

Amanda: [As I frantically text Holly to see where she is] Anyone try to kill Kelsea yet?

Holly:  Hold your horses pal I just read the first 2 pages of chapter two! [Followed by] Hmm, I am wondering if you would keep reading a book where a king referenced the slave girl in his bed and then had her tongue removed for snoring? [As the gender roles are reversed in Q of the T]

Amanda: Good question,  I did not like that.  That bad queen is BAD.

Holly: If [redacted] ends up being Kelsea’s dad I’m going to be pissed. Not sure I love this book

[Cue weeping in Chicago]

Holly: [upon finishing] I did not hate the T but certain things annoyed me: the weird child sacrifice in the nude, the stockholm-syndrome-esque obsession with a captor, and the fact that sometime in the future, ALL THE F’ING DOCTORS AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUNK ON A SHIP AND THEN SOCIETY IS BACK TO ZERO?  I would think someone else could have figured that out…

Amanda:  Ok so I’ll give you that, maybe some modern medicine could be recreated.  But just accept it and go on ok?  The bad queen has all the scientists because she is BAD.  Just love Kelsea that’s all I ask sister.  We’re totally going to get more backstory in Book 2!!

And with that, we are diving into the Invasion of the Tearling!

Actually, we started diving in, but it’s taking a while to get ONE of us through the book and her name rhymes with Jolly.

Catch up with us if this is on your TBR! We’re going to stop about 30% and chat about it!


  1. I had many of the same thoughts, but I’m still really curious about the series as a whole. I really thought it was YA (or maybe New Adult, whatever the difference is) until I read the second book. That’s way more adult! I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think.

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