Top Ten Authors I Must Buy

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday from the Broke and the Bookish is the 10 Authors you auto-buy.  I’ve been on a reduced shopping plan for a while due to 1) Grad school tuition and then 2) Child tuition so I don’t have 10 but here are the top of my list!  A harder topic for me might have been who is at the top of your library hold list 🙂


  1. Seanan McGuire- I think I’ve covered this obsession yes?
  2. Mira Grant (shut up I know they’re the same person)
  3. Neil Gaiman – always and forever
  4. Cora Carmack.  I am still feeling the effects of the Silas Virus from her Rusk University series.  I cannot wait for her next book!
  5. Nora Roberts – ultimate comfort reading!
  6. Robert Gilbraith – We heart Strike! I am DYING for the new book!
  7. Deborah Deisen – We need all the Pout Pout Fish books!
  8. Katherine Locke (Finding Center just came out! You NEED it!)
  9. Renee Adhieh – I still have to review the Wrath and the Dawn – but just buy it. Then wait anxiously for the sequel with me!

Who’s on your list?


  1. October 22nd isn’t that far away! I can’t wait to crack another Strike book! You say Nora Roberts is the ultimate comfort reading? Comfort reading like Maeve Binchy? I may have to investigate.
    On my auto-buy list…Kevin Kwan right now for sure. I’m actually trying to be a lot better about this. I will always buy Robert Galbraith or JK Rowling should she ever write something else under her real name. I used to auto buy Jodi Picoult and Philippa Gregory but I had to stop because I kept getting disappointed by their later work.

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