Midway Through Mortal Heart

We are reading the third and final installment in Robin LaFever’s His Fair Assassins trilogy: Mortal Heart.

Here, we discuss the middle of the book. This is mostly how our conversation went:

Amanda: Whoa! Big decision there by Annith!

Holly: Oh yeah, I just got to that. Ha! She is certainly forging a new path!

Amanda: I love how they’re all (Sybella, Ismae and Annith) giving the abbess the middle finger basically all the time now.  She deserves it! PS: Have you met Helena yet?

Holly: Nope. [Continues reading. Thinks: Hmmm. I have met Aeva, Floris, and Tola. I wonder who Helena is…must keep reading]

Holly: [Later that evening.] Okay, I just got to 54% in and I still don’t know who Helena is. Did I miss something?

Amanda: Oh! Helena is on Orphan Black. I mixed you up.  Though I do think Aeva, Floris, and Tola are all badasses as well and I would like more about them!

Holly: [Much less confused.] Ohhhhhh. Yeah. That broad is crazy.

Amanda:  58% and I just swooned a bit.  I was not sure that I was going to see [name redacted] again, but I should have had faith! Basically I need to just keep reading through to the end now because I need to know what happens!  

Holly: I need to keep reading too, but I also need to find time to get caught up on Orphan Black. Obv.  

We’ll be back with our final thoughts!  And seriously- if you’re not watching Orphan Black just start now please.  Holly can tell you that I won’t shut up until you do. 

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