Review Part 3: Mortal Heart

After chatting our way through Mortal Heart (see part 1 here and part 2 here), we arrive at the end of the book, and the end of the trilogy about teenage novices serving at the convent of Mortain – the god of Death – in 15th century Brittany.


We’ve been following Annith’s story, and, so far, she’s snuck out the convent, met some dead guys, found her friends Ismae and Sybella, and challenged the reverend mother.

As per usual, Amanda was reading faster.

Holly: I’m at 69%. Did you already finish?

Amanda: I did finish. Did you swoon also?

Holly: I do not swoon.

[A- I now have to find a book to make my sister swoon and am open to suggestions]

Amanda: Are you digging Annith still?

Holly:   Totally digging it. This abbess is so bad!  And this book is bananas.  I did suspect [redacted] but I still didn’t see [redacted] coming.

Amanda: I would have predicted totally the opposite way from you!  But I was still thrown in the end.

Holly: I have 15 minutes left and I am nervous about who is going to die.

Amanda:  I really liked Annith in the end.  She found the escape she needed and a love she didn’t know she could have, but still was a true friend and loyal to Mortain. I loved that LeFevers could surprise me so much in the third book of a series.  I was so glad that we had so much time with Ismae and Sybella as well.  It made me happy that these three girls who so badly needed friends found each other.  And I don’t care – I found Balthazar totally swoony.  I think Dark Triumph might have remained my favorite of the three but I loved this one.  Definitely will be rereading the assassin nuns!

Holly: As weird as this whole series is – and it is really weird – I quite enjoyed all three reads. I liked Annith a lot, and she might be my favorite of the three friends. I am glad you made me read these, pal! Anyway, we will be due for another sister readalong soon because our favorite Comoran Strike will be back!


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