Let’s Chat About Serials

I may be the last person out there who hasn’t finished listening to NPR’s Serial (I know, I know), but I have also discovered a new kind of serial – book serials!  

I may have made it clear before that I’m basically obsessed with all of Seanan McGuire’s books so far – if I haven’t I’ll go on the record and admit that I love everything that I’ve read.  Currently I’m addicted to her amazon kindle serial Reflections (Indexing #2).  This brings a new chapter onto my kindle every 2 weeks.  I read the first 4 chapters in one serious binge and now it’s like I get a little present on my kindle every other week.  I also was able to beta read this way for the amazing Christina June and it was so fun!  I actually really like being able to only read so far at a given time.  That way I can’t keep myself up too late like I did last week finishing the Lake House (amazing!)  


McGuire’s Indexing was the first serial book I read – twisted fairy tales at their finest.  We have a world where a Sleeping Beauty’s curse could put an entire city to sleep and a Pied Piper’s music could lead to mass suicide.  Things only get stranger based on the fairy tale in question.  Thankfully we have Henrietta Marchen and her team at the ATI Management Bureau who try to keep a handle on all the stories.  In Reflections the team is back and things are even scarier right now!  I’m loving the perspective of an Evil Stepsister and I cannot wait for my afternoon commute to read my next chapter.  This is a lot of entertainment for just $2.00!

Are there any other amazing serial books I’m missing?  Do you like reading this way?   Am I really the last person to finish listening to Serial?


  1. I can’t believe that you could just walk away from Serial in the middle! Aren’t you DYING to know what happened???
    This book serial thing does interest me. I actually wrote a paper about the Japanese version – for years they have been able to subscribe to different serials on their phones and every DAY they get a little bit of it via text. I wrote this paper in like 2006 so at the time it was mind-blowing and then nothing really came from it. Until now I guess. I’m not sure that it would work for me – you know how I am about reading two things at once. Even in instalments. I don’t even like to watch TV shows week by week anymore.

    • I know, I am the worst! I kind of am dying to know about Serial – yet also feel like it seemed like nothing changed? I need to get on it.

      To get a new little bit of a story every day is perfect! With the every 2 week thing I have to think too hard sometimes about where I was. And as for tv – we’re all ruined for watching something week by week. I could barely handle it with Orphan Black season 3, I wanted to save them all up to binge, yet couldn’t because I HAD to know what happened to Helena.

  2. Oh, interesting! I didn’t know this type of book existed these days! I remember in Truman Capote’s time lots of books being serialized in mainstream newspapers or magazines. I kind of like this idea and wonder if we’ll see it popping up more and more. And – I loved the Serial podcast!!

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