Our Favorite Books of 2017 That We Haven’t Reviewed

My new year’s resolution is to start reviewing the many books I read in 2017 that were intended for review, but for now, here is a list of the favorites that Holly and I read this year that we simply didn’t have the energy to post about.  Bring on 2018!


(It is super easy to make a list of books you haven’t reviewed when you haven’t reviewed anything in maybe two years! Holla!)


Happy New Year! What excellent books did we miss this year?


  1. I bought If We Were Villains toward the end of the year and I can’t wait to read it! For some reason, I can’t let go of the desire to read it by a fire in a cabin .. which won’t happen because I have no cabin or hope of getting to one haha. Perhaps the Netflix fire will have to do! I also need to read Crazy Rich Asians! Glad to hear you guys loved both :). Happy New Year!

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