All the news is garbage – but I love my library!

I am reading the news in short snippets these days because unless it’s about Serena Williams or maybe Prince Louis’ christening it all gives me panic attacks. I’ve been reading fiction voraciously to escape (and a few nonfic too) and The Chicago Public Library is giving me everything.  Here’s a list of what I’ve been loving – other than reading Goodnight Moon on repeat.



With Babycakes 

  • Ranger in Time series by Kate Messner – what is there not to love about a golden retriever traveling through time and space to help people in need?

What else is out there that I should be reading to avoid reality?


  1. “[…] unless it’s about Serena Williams or maybe Prince Louis’ christening it all gives me panic attacks.” Wow, same. I try to listen to news on the radio on the way to/from work and I can only take it for like 10 minutes at a time. It feels like too much right now, y’know?

    If y’all like Ranger, you might try Hank the Cowdog. Hank is… less of a hero and more of a bumbler, but it is SUCH a fun little series. The audiobooks are good, too.

  2. Yes to this attitude! Who do we petition to get a 24 hour royal family TV station? Charlotte is my favorite- looks just like her great-grandmother and is a pistol.

    I’m trying to do the same thing and have ended up DNFing more books than ever because it seems as if a lot of authors are trying to echo our current reality. NOT what I want.

    I just finished So Much Life Left Over, loved it, and learned it was book 2 in a trilogy (book 3 not out yet) so got book 1 at the library and loved it as well. It’s historical fiction which is working for me these days as a self-soothing strategy.

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