It’s Monday What Are You Reading? 

How is July half way over? I’m finding myself thinking about back to school reading which is insane!  I just put A Wrinkle in Time on hold at the library- cross your fingers that my First Grade queen of the Rainbow Fairies series will read something else!

I’m reading Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin which I am loving. Next up are library books Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire and after hearing about Prey of the Gods from Michelle at That’s What She Read I had to check that out.

I’m on a mission to read off my own shelf so I also am going middle grade and trying The Sixty Eight Rooms about my beloved Art Institute of Chicago.

Phew that’s a lot. What are you reading this week? Thanks to The Book Date for this check-in!

It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday!

I’m still reading the amazing Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women.  I’m moving through it now, but for every story that I read quickly the next one basically guts me (see Open Marriage) and then I’m stuck.  I saw Roxane speak last week and she was just as amazing as you would hope.  Funny and honest and way more open than I could be.

I’m finally getting into Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found which is not as highly entertaining as I wanted.  Interesting but fairly dry so far.  I think I am going need something pretty ridiculous to read at home.  Maybe I’ll be the last person in America to read The Girl on the Train.  I’m basically stalking my library hold list waiting for The Windfall to come in – Catherine’s review at The Gilmore Guide to Books got me even more excited!

What are you reading this week?  Thanks to The Book Date for this check in!

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? 

Thanks to Kathryn from Book Date for this check in!

I finished my reread of Nevernight – and I still loved it- and am now bouncing between some very different books!


Still Roxane Gay – who OMG I AM GOING TO SEE TONIGHT!!!! Difficult Women is amazing but slow for me.

For a library book after reading Burntown (a total disappointment,) I started Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Found – which is going to be delightfully fascinating. I apologize in advance to everyone I’m about to share severed head facts with, it’s a compulsion to tell people all about my nonfiction reads.

For lighter reading I started Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt. Teen angst + mafia style families dealing with selling organs seems right up my alley this week.

What are you reading this week? Anyone else catching the amazing Roxane on tour?

It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?

Hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, I almost titled this check in “It’s Monday What the Heck Should I Be Reading” but then I was inspired when flipping through my kindle. Thanks to the reference in the fantastic Rich People Problems [review to come] I started  25987033The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession and The World’s Most Coveted Fish by Emily Voigt – because who doesn’t find the idea of a pet fish that people commit murder over kind of fascinating?

I’m also reading Difficult Women – very very very slowly because Roxane Gay is brutal and beautiful and amazing. I’m finishing a reread of Quintana of Charyn – which is also brutal and wonderful.  I definitely need to start something on the fluffier side for night time reading.  Any suggestions?

What are you reading this week?

It’s Monday – What Am I Not Reading?

Hi!  I’m still alive and reading! Holly – well she’s still alive.  She’s still reading.  Maybe if I send her enough obnoxious emails and texts she’ll even tell me what she’s reading and come review it. We moved which was suck-tacular and I still can’t find all my books which is traumatic. As a result of the trauma and just way too much going on for all of August I am compensating by reading all the books at once.  This is me basically

There’s water. There’s brooms. There’s Mickey. This craziness ...

Here’s what I’m reading – when I’m not reading Rainbow Fairy books with Babycakes (oh the pain – we’re starting The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week)

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake – sister queens who want to kill each other and magic?  Yes please.

The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman – totally savoring this and then forcing it on the husband.

The Swan Riders  by Erin Bow – Deliciously creepy. I loved The Scorpion Rules and I’m excited to see where this goes.

The Devourers by Indra Das – so compelling yet also grossing me out.

Can I say I’m still reading Here Comes the Sun if I haven’t picked it up in weeks?  They’ve been rough weeks.  I will restart it because I need to give this a fair shot!

What are you reading?  Have you read any of these books with an opinion on what I need to finish first?

Thanks to The Book Date for hosting this check-in!

It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme currently hosted by The Book Date. It’s a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week, and add to that ever-growing TBR stack.

Once again I’m reading all of the random things at once!

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for book club – and I want it to never end!

The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis – Benn

Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson – Yay to the CPL for buying this! I’m so sucked into this series for my nighttime reading

Gemina by Aime Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – ok I’ve only read like 10 pages but I need to dig in once I finish the Nil series!

What are you reading this week?

It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday! If I think it’s a good day it can be one right?  I’m into too many books at once – shocking I’m sure!  Thanks to The Book Date for hosting!


Flappers: 6 Women of a Dangerous Generation by Judith Mackrell – Fascinating!!  Thanks Eva for recommending it!

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn.  Shaina raved about this while reading – I think its going to break my heart.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff – Just waiting for the stab, stab, stabbing to start.

Lumberjanes Vol 2 – This is totally delightful!

Sex Object by Jessica Valenti – I want to love this nonfic so much! I stopped at about 20% and need to pick it back up.

I also finished the Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend which was full of cheese and adorable.  I decided to quit on And I Darken by Kiersten White – I feel terrible quitting but I just wasn’t feeling it.

What are you reading this week?