Reading and Stickering with Babycakes

My kiddo got her very own box of book mail!  Aside from reading those stinking Rainbow Fairy books we’ve been diving into these and I want to share our new favorites.

Polar: A Phototacular Book

Carol Kaufmann, October 6, 2015, Workman Publishing


These pictures are awesome!  I love that this is land and water animals and even shows the Northern Lights. I want my kid bitten by the travel bug as soon as possible so she can dream of seeing the world!

Paint By Sticker: Zoo Animals

Workman Publishing, September 20, 2016


This book is so fun!  Anything that keeps the kid entranced without help is a win but this is also really fun to do together.  This is like the classic paint by numbers but no mess!  I was even more excited when I saw Andi’s ABCs post about an adult version! I know what is going in a lot of Christmas stockings this year.

Eek! Halloween! Sandra Boynton

Workman Publishing, August 23, 2016


If you read with littles at all and haven’t read Sandra Boynton you’re missing out!  These are always fun and silly and easy to read again – and again – and again!  My little one is getting so close to reading her self so this is a fun one for her to practice sight words on and get excited for Halloween.  She would have loved this totally a few years ago too.

Thank you so much Workman Publishing for these fun books!

Blog Tour: Bug Zoo

Bug Zoo, Illustrated by Andy Harkness, Words by Lisa Wheeler

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published February 16th 2016 by Disney-Hyperion – Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase Series

Source: From the publisher for the blog tour


Ben loves bugs: armored, teeny, leggy, greenie, floaty, wingy, jumpy, springy bugs! After a trip to the city zoo, Ben collects all of the bugs he can find and sets up a bug zoo. He couldn’t be happier–but what about his bugs?

Welcome to my stop along the blog tour for Bug Zoo, hosted by The Irish Banana Review!

I found this treat in the mail just days after visiting the Butterfly Haven at the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum with my 5 year-old.  The timing could not have been better!  We are big into insect talk at my house right now.  The bugs in Bug Zoo look ready to come off the page at times and you can almost feel the texture to the wings, bodies and antennae on the page.  Andy Harkness actually is a Disney Animation artist and so it makes sense that his bugs look like they’re about to take flight.

After a visit to his zoo Ben has the idea to start his own zoo right in his bedroom for his beloved bugs.  I shudder in sympathy for Ben’s mother.  He is one ambitious kid!  I love the variety of bugs he collects and the emotions Harkness can convey on the face of a moth.  This is a book that kids will love most for the pictures, but the message comes through for my preschooler to understand.  We could count bugs, talk about the colors – but then talk about just what might make a moth or a boy feel sad.  

This short and sweet story is a perfect bedtime read.  The fun cadence to the armored, teeny, leggy, greenie etc bugs gets Babycakes reciting along with me for now, but I know she’ll be reading it to me soon!  

My daughter gave this Bug Zoo the highest praise for a 5 year-old: She’s asked me to bring Bug Zoo into school to read to the class.  I think the boys and girls will both love these bugs.  Babycakes also really likes the front and end pages with all kinds of bug catching tips.  I know that as soon as Spring has officially sprung in Chicago we’re going to be outside catching whatever critters live in our yard.

Thank you Disney-Hyperion and Hannah for this copy!

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