Finished Reading Dark Triumph

And now, the riveting conclusion to our discussion on Dark Triumph! (Click for part one and part two.)


Holly: Okay, I am finishing this book tonight!

Amanda: My friend Christina said she sobbed through the last 25%, so it must be intense!

Holly: I’ll try not to do that! (#notacrier)…

[reading interlude] 

I finished! But I don’t get crying. Why for?

Amanda: I think because of [insert spoiler].

Holly: Oh, yeah. That was pretty sad. #heartofstone

Amanda: While I take my role as the family crier quite seriously, I want you to know that I did not cry at all while reading, sister.  Despite the lack of tears, Sybella totally got to my heart.  I loved her strength and her loyalty despite her horribly sad background.  Grave Mercy  had set Sybella up to be almost too crazy to function.  And then when you learn her story, the fact that she is not only functional, but also smart, able to make friends and completely lethal is kind of amazing.

Holly: I liked this book a lot. I’m not quite ready to push the series on everyone I know (but that could change after reading #3 Mortal Heart, right?!), but I was definitely into the story and the characters. I am still a little caught up in the creepiness factor of teenage girls as death’s handmaidens, though I guess the concept starts to make a bit more sense here. I’m going with 4 stars!

Amanda: I loved this book in the end! 5 stars from me!  One thing that struck me reading this one was how much I want to now read about the actual history of Anne and Brittany. I didn’t feel that interested after #1. Reading the Author’s Note also really piqued my curiosity.  

Holly: Which is funny, because the author’s note said that #1 Grave Mercy included more details on actual events and people, and the political maneuverings of medieval Brittany, while #2 Dark Triumph is more of a personal, individual story.

Amanda: I am just a weirdo I think as I was wanting more this time.  This makes me really excited for Mortal Heart next month!  I think Annith is going to also be a bad ass and I really hope that Person Who Shall Not Be Named gets what is coming to them!  I don’t know that I’m quite ready to be an official pusher of the series, but I definitely would recommend reading them so far!  Move over Bella, the assassins are way better YA heroines!

Holly: Wait, was that even a question? Duh.