Our Top Ten Books About Sisters

Today we’re hooking up with the Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday.  These was a choice of 10 books featuring characters who _______- and my genius sister came up with our topic!


Little Women – They may end up with some weird relationship dynamics, but the March sisters are pretty committed to one another.

Persuasion – Pretty clear who the good sister is in this one!

Wicked – Turning the whole good/evil sister upside down.

The Poisonwood Bible – Oh, my heart.

Game of Thrones – Amanda didn’t read far enough to get past the impression one gets of Sansa in the first book, but there’s more to learn about Arya and Sansa.  [Amanda– Don’t try to tempt me to read this sister!]


The Deception of the Emerald Ring/Seduction of the Crimson Rose – Yes, yes  they’re each about a different sister- but it’s an important relationship!

Bloodlines – Two very different sets of sisters in this series!  Don’t judge me for my YA vampire love!

Incryptid – Ok so each book of this series is about a different member of the family. But I love these sisters (and a brother) who will fight to the death for each other.

Garden Spells/First Frost – Sarah Addison Allen wins! Magical realism and great sisters.

Sweet Valley High:  Really, what list of sisterly books could be complete without the Wakefields?  Personally I’m still heartbroken over the total let down that was Sweet Valley Confidential.  So many lessons learned in Sweet Valley! #RIPRegina #NotEvenOnce


Not a book, but Orphan Black! I’m obsessed and everyone should watch.  I need someone to talk about this with since Holly won’t bow to my commands.

What is your TTT about?  Any fantastic sisterly books we’re missing?


  1. I love books about siblings, but I don’t think I’ve read any of these books except the Sweet Valley High books(so many years ago!) I could not get through Little Women when I tried to read it in middle school, but that’s been 10-13 years, so it’s probably time to give that one a second chance.

  2. I haven’t watched Orphan Black yet but Tatiana Maslany has totally been nominated for a Golden Globe – she just hasn’t won it! Which she probably should. She gets more love in Canada where she wins pretty well everything.

    Little Women has got to be the ultimate sister book. I’m trying to think of any you may have left off the list and I’m totally drawing a blank! Amanda, get to read the Game of Thrones books!

  3. Two sister books I’ve read that really stood out for me:
    Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt (difficult but realistic relationship)
    and Sister, Sister by Rachel Zadok (very spooky/creepy).
    Oh, also, Words and their Meanings by Kate Bassett has a gorgeous big-sister little-sister relationship, and the relationship between the sisters in Slide is also really nice.
    Great list!

  4. What a good topic choice! I totally agree about Sweet Valley High 🙂 You guys came up with some great books here. Love it. I recently read “A Reunion of Ghosts” and it is a pretty interesting and unique book about sisters! PS I fangirl really hard over Orphan Black! I just did a post about it in my Fangirl Favourites feature. Feel free to come on over and squee with me 😛 http://www.fuelledbyfiction.com/2015/04/fangirl-favourites-friday-orphan-black.html

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